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Store Detectives

Safeguarding your retail business

Theft and property damage are two of the main reasons for the loss of profits in the retail sector. By employing a store detective you have achieved a strong defense against both. Even a bad store detective can prevent a lot of theft or damage just by being there. Our trained store detectives are proactive in their approach to your retail business’s security and will minimise your losses by a large factor.

What are our Store Detectives main Objectives?

  • Their first objective is to keep a sharp eye on your shop, restaurant, pub or nightclub to ensure there is no theft of stock or damage being caused.
  • Their second objective is to be a reassuring presence for customers/clients, and your own employees. They will be there to support your employees if the need arises.
  • Their third objective is to carry out their security procedures in a professional yet friendly manner at all times.

Highly Trained Store Detectives

By hiring from Markwatch Security Training Services Ltd you can be sure that your store detectives have been trained to a high standard. This means that they are qualified and fully Garda vetted before we send them to you. Our security staff is trained so that they understand the best manner of how to deter criminals and vandals without intimidating either your customers or employees.

Markwatch Security Training Services Ltd can supply either uniformed, or plainclothes security personnel depending on the requirements and tone of the establishment.

Require a Store Detective?

From small local shops to large retail chains for reliable, qualified Store Detectives we can offer you a competitive quote for an excellent level of service.

We work with small businesses, large retail chains, and everything in between. If you are looking for a reliable, experienced provider of a retail security presence, we can offer a competitive quotation for a comprehensive service.

Markwatch Security Training Services Ltd supply store detectives nationwide. Whether it is Dublin, Cork, Donegal, or Galway we can supply your security guard needs!

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