How much are employee licence fees?

From 1st December 2015 licences last for three years.

The cost of licences are as follows:

1. Security Guard (Static) Licence €90
2. Door Supervisor (Licensed Premises) Licence €150
3. Protected Forms of Transport (Cash-in-Transit) Licence €150
4. Two or more sectors €220

What are the requirements to get these individual licence(s)?

1. Completed PSA application form.
2. Completed Garda Vetting form which comes along with the application form.
3. Colour copy of your Passport or Driving licence or Birth Certificate.
4. PPS Number.
5. One Passport size photograph (with white OR light grey background).
6. Colour copy of Garda / GNIB Card (For Non-EU nationals).
7. Police clearance certificate from your country of birth (if you are not from the Republic of Ireland) and the person who has spent six months or more in another country will also be required to have a police clearance certificate from that country.
8. FETAC Certificate OR Course completion letter (TRF Form) from your FETAC accredited training provider. Markwatch Security Training Services Ltd is a FETAC accredited training provider.

How to apply for individual licence?

The Private Security Authority (PSA) is responsible for issuing, granting, monitoring, suspending, and controlling this licence. Visit www.psa.gov.ie to fill the online application form or call PSA to order an application form or you can download it from the PSA website. Markwatch Security Training Services Ltd will also help you in filling out these forms.

What are the functions of PSA?

1. Controlling and supervising persons employed in the  security services
2. Maintaining and improving standards in the provision of those services
3. Granting, renewing, suspending and revoking licences
4. Establishing and maintaining a register of licensees and
5. Establishing a system of investigation and adjudication of complaints

What PSA does?

The private security authority (PSA) established by the private security services act, 2004. It’s a regulatory body which looks after all security related sectors.

PSA stands for?

PSA is a acronym for “The Private Security Authority”.

Types of Security licence(s)?

There are two types of security licence’s issued:
1)    Contractor licence – All contractors must need to hold a valid licence to run the security company.
2)     Individual licence – Individuals who wants to work in Door Supervisor (Licenced Premises) or Security Guard (Static) sectors must hold a valid licence.
Above both contractor and individual need a security licence and soon there will be other sectors that also need a licence.

Who needs a security licence?

The person(s) who wants to run a security business or a person who wants to work in security industry must need to have a valid PSA licence.


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